DW Evans GT offers an extensive array of partnership opportunities for businesses seeking to heighten their brand visibility and foster deeper client engagement. We deliver comprehensive brand activation and hospitality services that merge the excitement of motorsports with innovative marketing strategies. This combination fuels increased brand recognition, boosts sales, and crafts unforgettable experiences for your clientele.

Advertising Opportunities

As competitors in the thrilling Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia Championship, we offer your brand multiple high-visibility advertising opportunities. Our race cars, decorated with your signage, become high-speed billboards viewed by millions worldwide during each race. Additionally, your logo featured on our team uniforms ensures continuous exposure during critical moments – from intense pit stops to post-race interviews. These uniforms, worn by our drivers and crew, make your brand an integral part of our team’s identity.

To extend your brand’s visibility, we incorporate your logo on our garage walling, a focal point of media coverage during race preparations and post-race analysis. Additionally, your brand gains digital prominence through strategic logo placement on our official website, greeting a diverse audience of fans, potential partners, and media. Through these comprehensive advertising avenues – from race car signage to uniforms, garage branding, and digital exposure – your brand will be intricately connected to the high-octane world of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia Championship.

Social Media Activation

Engaging with our team provides an excellent opportunity to leverage the power of social media for brand promotion. We maintain a robust presence on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, regularly updating our followers with engaging content ranging from behind-the-scenes peeks to race day highlights. Your brand can benefit from this reach, with features and mentions in our posts, live updates, and stories. This digital exposure opens up avenues to interact directly with our passionate fan base, thereby fostering a deeper connection between them and your brand.

Additionally, our drivers, who command significant popularity and influence, also bring their considerable social media footprint to the table. With their personal stories, on-track successes, and off-track personalities captivating a wide audience, their social media platforms serve as an effective medium for additional brand exposure. They can promote your brand through posts, stories, or even dedicated campaigns, lending a personal touch to the partnership. This combination of team-wide and driver-specific social media promotion makes for a powerful, engaging, and personalized approach to extending your brand’s reach.

Corporate Hospitality at Events

Our team offers a comprehensive corporate hospitality package at racing events that presents a unique opportunity for our partners to entertain guests in a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. This serves as an excellent platform to engage with your employees, clients, friends, or prize winners, offering them an unforgettable experience at the heart of the racing action.

Within our corporate hospitality areas, your guests will enjoy restaurant-quality cuisine and a variety of premium beverages while enjoying an unobstructed view of the race. This combines the thrill of high-speed motorsport with the comfort and luxury of first-class hospitality. Furthermore, the event can be a unique networking opportunity, allowing guests to mingle with fellow enthusiasts, industry insiders, and possibly meet our drivers and crew. Ultimately, our corporate hospitality at racing events delivers a unique and exciting experience, adding significant value to your relationship with your invited guests.

Company Events & Product Launches

Our team provides an exceptional platform for product launches or company events, where our racing cars and drivers can be leveraged to add a unique, dynamic element to your function. The presence of our high-performance Lamborghinis, decked out in your brand’s livery, provides a compelling backdrop for any event, immediately creating a buzz and drawing attention.

Moreover, our drivers, who are well-versed in representing brands, can add significant value to your event. Whether it’s unveiling a product, participating in a Q&A session, or engaging with attendees, their presence adds a personal touch and draws on the excitement and glamour of the racing world. This combination of utilizing our racing cars and drivers elevates your event, enhances your brand image, and creates a memorable experience for your guests, clients, or customers.

Race Telecasts

The online telecasts of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia Championship present another impactful avenue for brand exposure. Each race is watched by thousands of viewers worldwide, with telecasts meticulously produced to deliver a captivating experience. From the adrenaline rush of the race to the drama of podium celebrations, and insightful interviews, every aspect of the race day is covered, providing over an hour of engaging content.

This extensive airtime ensures that your brand gets ample exposure. Be it through logo placements on our race cars, team uniforms, or pit equipment, your brand is visible throughout the telecast. Furthermore, during pre and post-race interviews, the presence of your brand on team apparel further enhances this exposure. Therefore, partnering with us provides an opportunity to reach a global audience in their homes, effectively increasing brand awareness and strengthening your brand’s association with the thrilling world of GT racing.

Business-to-Business Opportunities

Being a corporate partner within the dynamic racing community offers a wealth of business-to-business opportunities. The motorsport environment is a thriving ecosystem of diverse companies – from suppliers and sponsors to business owners and media entities. Your partnership with us gives you access to this exclusive network, opening up numerous avenues for collaborations, partnerships, and potential business growth.

Whether it’s through our race events, corporate hospitality, or shared promotional activities, you’ll have the chance to network, build relationships, and explore mutual synergies with key stakeholders within the racing community. These interactions can pave the way for strategic partnerships, expanding your business horizons and leading to potential collaborations that extend beyond the racetrack. Essentially, your corporate partnership does not just boost your visibility among racing fans; it connects you with a wider business community, offering countless opportunities for commercial development and growth.

Staff Incentives and Rewards

Partnering with us opens up unique opportunities for staff incentives and rewards, offering experiences that go beyond the conventional. Tickets to our high-adrenaline racing events are not merely passes to a spectacle, but keys to an unforgettable day immersed in the thrilling world of motorsport. Additionally, we offer access to exclusive corporate hospitality areas where your staff can enjoy the race day in style, complete with premium food and beverages.

The rewards don’t stop there. Your staff can enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access, meeting our team and drivers, and even posing for photos with the race cars. We can also offer the unparalleled thrill of a ride in an actual race car as an extraordinary incentive. These unique, memorable experiences can foster motivation and engagement within your team, serving as powerful tools for employee satisfaction and retention. The partnership thus enriches not just your brand visibility, but also your company culture.

Custom Partnerships

At DW Evans GT, we are dedicated to creating tailored partnerships that align with your unique marketing objectives and strategies. We understand the distinctiveness of each brand and commit ourselves to design partnerships that exceed a generic model. Be it an exclusive meet-and-greet with our drivers or a personalized racing experience, we strive to curate an environment that strengthens your brand’s identity and resonance.

Our flexibility extends to unique branding opportunities, from inventive car signage placements to customized social media campaigns that help your brand capture attention. We also offer special experiences like behind-the-scenes tours, exhilarating GT race car rides, and private racing masterclasses. From corporate hospitality to staff rewards and business networking, our team is committed to ensuring your brand stands out, offering an inclusive platform that ensures your brand’s vision and goals are fully realized.

DW Evans GT is dedicated to forming partnerships as thrilling as the races we participate in. Our brand activation and hospitality services aim to provide unique, enriching experiences while achieving your brand’s marketing ambitions. Join us in the captivating world of professional racing and accelerate your brand’s journey to success. 

To explore partnership opportunities further, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach Joshua Evans at and Dan Wells at We look forward to collaborating with you and accelerating your brand’s journey in the exhilarating world of motorsports.