At DW Evans GT, our drivers are the pulsating heart of our operations. We pride ourselves on assembling the strongest pairings for our championship campaigns, reflecting a strategy that prioritizes strength in unity and cooperative synergy. We believe in creating the perfect balance of skill, experience, and tenacity behind the wheel.

We are committed to working closely with our drivers, providing a collaborative environment where their skills can truly shine. Through tailored engineering and coaching support, we strive to empower our drivers to consistently achieve their best. This personalized approach facilitates the continual refinement of their techniques and strategies, enabling them to conquer challenges and rise to the top.

Our drivers are integral to the successes of DW Evans GT. They don’t just represent our brand – they are key to our relentless pursuit of excellence in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia Championship and beyond. We stand behind our drivers, confident in their abilities and committed to their growth, as we navigate the exhilarating journey of motorsports together.