Hong Kong, 11 July 2023 – A new force has now formally emerged on the motorsport scene as DW EVANS GT officially announces its establishment, bringing together the expertise of racing car driver and driver manager Dan Wells and single-seater racing team owner and manager Joshua Evans. The partnership aims to inject a new level of professionalism and driver development into GT racing in Asia.

DW EVANS GT is currently in its debut season in the highly competitive Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia Championship. The team is leading the PRO-AM rankings, with drivers Oscar Lee and Dan Wells skilfully piloting the car, winning their class in the first four races of the season, held at Sepang, Malaysia and last time out at The Bend in Australia.

With their combined experience and skills, DW EVANS GT is poised to continue making a strong impact on the racing world.

Dan Wells, renowned for his career as a racing car driver and driver manager, brings a wealth of experience to the team. His expertise and insights into the racing world are invaluable, ensuring the team is well-equipped to face any challenge that comes their way.

Partnering with Dan Wells is Joshua Evans, the successful owner and manager of Evans GP, a prominent single-seater racing team. With a passion for motorsport and an astute business acumen, Joshua Evans has achieved remarkable success in his career. His vision and leadership will be instrumental in guiding DW EVANS GT to new heights.

The primary focus of DW EVANS GT is driver development, nurturing and honing the skills of up-and-coming racing talents in Asia. With a commitment to professionalism and a dedication to excellence, the team aims to create an environment that fosters growth and provides opportunities for aspiring drivers to reach their full potential.

As the inaugural season of DW EVANS GT unfolds, fans can expect thrilling races and exemplary performance on the track. The Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia Championship will serve as the ultimate proving ground for the team, where they will showcase their capabilities against formidable competition. DW EVANS GT is determined to make a lasting impact and leave a mark on the GT racing landscape in Asia.

DW EVANS GT invites fans, sponsors, and racing enthusiasts to join them on this exhilarating journey. Stay tuned for updates on their progress, as they revolutionize GT racing with their unparalleled commitment and passion.

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia – Calendar 2023:

Round 1: Sepang (Malaysia) – 5th to 7th May

Round 2: Adelaide (Australia) – 9th to 11th June

Round 3: Fuji (Japan) – 14th to 16th July

Round 4: Everland Speedway (South Korea) – 18th to 20th August

Round 5: Shanghai (China) – 8th to 10th September

Round 6: Vallelunga (Italy) – 16th to 19th November